F&A Management

REBECCA VILSACK, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Financials Systems, 407-882-1093
DONNA DUBUC, Director, University Budgets, 407-882-1105
LYNN GONZALEZ, Director of Budget Initiatives, 407-823-2330
PHILLIP HENSON, Director, Finance and Accounting, 407-823-0818
KELLY D'AGOSTINO, Senior Associate Controller, 407-823-1983

F&A Staff

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GRISETTE ACEVEDO, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-2808
TERA ALCALA, Associate Controller, 407-882-1094
JULISSA ALICEA, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-3580
MARLIN AMPARADO, Senior Accountant, 407-823-3816
KAREN AUSTIN, Accountant, 407-823-5617
RAY BACCHUS, Assistant Director, 407-823-2669
LINDA BAKER, Accountant, 407-882-1058
JOSEPH BEISSNER, Accountant, 407-882-1036
REGINO BESANA, Applications Systems Analyst, Lead, 407-882-1203
JESSICA BILLUPS, Student Assistant, 407-823-2105
PATRICK BLOUNT, Assistant Director, 407-823-3434
ANN BOUTROS, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-882-1040
TRAVIS CAIN, Property Manager, 407-823-1029
JENNA CAPP, Accountant, 407-882-1091
MEGAN CARRIGAN, Assistant Controller, 407-882-1028
CARLOS CHARDON, Department IT Manager, 407-882-1048
DAVID CINTRON, Accountant, 407-882-1103
JANNETTE COLON, Accountant, 407-823-2951
MICHAEL COOPER, IT Business Analyst Senior, 407-823-4560
ERIC CRAWFORD, Coordinator, Budgeting, 407-823-4009
LAURA CROUCH, Assistant Controller, 407-882-1082
THOMAS DANIELE, Student Assistant, 407-823-3120
VARSHA DAS, Applications Systems Analyst Programming Manager, 407-882-1045
FRANCIS DE SAGUN, Computer Specialist, 407-882-1209
PHILOMENE DORLUS, Senior Accountant, 407-823-4559
PAULINA DOVALI, Accountant, 407-882-1087
DONNA DUBUC, Director, University Budgets, 407-882-1105
ELIZABETH EXNER, Accountant, 407-823-3029
JENNIFER FETTERLY, Assistant Controller, 407-823-2801
ALBERT FRANCIS, Assistant Controller, 407-882-1075
AMANDA FRASHIER , Accountant, 407-882-1076
DONALD FRIEND, Student Assistant, 407-882-1089
EILEEN GARNER, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-823-3358
RICHARD GAYLAN, Office Assistant, 407-882-1079
LADONNA GLASPIE, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-4755
EFRAIN GUZMAN-CARRERAS, Applications Systems Analyst, Senior, 407-882-1064
JOHN GYORY, Application Systems Analyst Programmer Senior, 407-882-1023
KIA HAWAYEK, Accountant, 407-823-2127
CONNIE HAWKINS, Accountant, 407-882-1088
DONNA HICKSON, Senior Accountant, 407-823-3815
BRAD HODUM, Associate Controller, 407-882-1005
JAY HOLT, Applications Systems Analyst Programmer, Lead, 407-882-2328
IBRAHIM IDWAN, Student Assistant, 407-823-3709
KRISTAL JACKSON, Applications Systems Analyst Programming Manager, 407-882-1204
ENGELS JIRON, Student Assistant, 407-882-1037
JASMIN JOHNSON, Accountant, 407-882-1038
NATHANAEL JONES, Accountant, 407-882-2241
CHRISTOPHER KACHELE, Computer Specialist, 407-823-4155
MAKWINDER KAUR-MCNEIL, IT Business Analyst, 407-823-1328
NATIVIDAD KENNEDY, Office Assistant, 407-882-0030
PATRICIA KENTISH, Applications Systems Analyst, Senior, 407-882-1051
MARGUERITE LACHAUD, Senior Accountant, 407-882-1060
JOEL LEVENSON, Associate Controller, 407-882-0235
NARENE LINDAUER, Accountant, 407-823-3436
ELIZABETH LIVINGSTON, Office Manager, 407-882-1000
RENHARTA MACAROY, Office Assistant, 407-882-1065
PUJA MANDOLFO, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-882-1024
MELINDA MARTIN, Technical Communicator, 407-823-0913
MELODY MARTINEZ, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-882-1039
MICHELLE MATTHEWS, Coordinator, Administrative Services, 407-882-2234
MARCIA MAUKONEN, Data Security Analyst, Senior, 407-882-1062
MEGHAN MCCOLLUM, Assistant Controller, 407-882-1013
CARRIE MCDOWELL, Accountant, 407-882-1107
SHELLA MERCADO, Accountant, 407-882-0006
LEA MIGNONE, Coordinator, Budgeting, 407-882-1101
JACKIE MORALES, Accountant, 407-823-2358
DORANN MULLINS, Associate Director Financials Systems and Technology, 407-882-1213
APRIL MURDOCH, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-3435
MEGHAN NELSON, Assistant Controller, 407-882-2236
TUYET-ANH NGUYEN, Accountant, 407-882-1053
PRADEEP NIMMATHOTA, Applications Systems Analyst Programmer, Lead, 407-882-0008
ROSHELLY OSBORNE, Accountant, 407-882-1034
HONGJUAN PAN, Senior Accountant, 407-882-2240
MARITA PASCUA, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-823-1856
MARCY PERSAUD, Accountant, 407-823-4743
RASHIDA PIERRE-GRAHAM, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-882-1061
TARA PRIEST, Senior Accountant, 407-823-2878
KRISTEN REASONER, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-5924
REBECA RICHARDS, Associate Director, University Budget, 407-882-1050
DONNA RIOS, Office Assistant, 407-823-4741
VANESSA RODRIGUEZ, Property Manager, 407-823-1953
GLORIA SANCHEZ, Office Assistant, 407-882-1206
LAURA "LIBBY" SANDERS, Applications Systems Analyst, Lead, 407-882-1199
MARGARITA SANTIAGO, Accountant, 407-882-1004
HECTOR SANTOS, Client Server Analyst, 407-823-3795
MARIA SAUCEDO, Accountant, 407-823-4231
JESSICA SCHECK, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-882-1026
SCOTT SEDLAK, Senior Accountant, 407-882-1086
GREG SEXTON, Coordinator, Budgeting, 407-823-2672
ASHA SHARMA, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-0529
SEAN SIMMONS, Associate Director, University Budget, 407-823-4361
DEBRA SIMON, Sr. Instructional Designer, 407-882-1007
BRADLEY SMITH, Applications Systems Analyst Programming Manager, 407-882-1214
ANDREA SMITH-BROWN, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-823-3093
MICHAEL STEIN, Coordinator, Accounting, 407-882-1022
JUSTIN STROBEL, Accountant, 407-882-1027
RICH STROHFUS, Applications Systems Analyst, Lead, 407-882-0005
ERIK SUAREZ, Student Assistant, 407-823-3709
HOLLY TERPOS, Accountant, 407-882-1002
ZACHARY VELIZ, Student Assistant, 407-882-1080
ARIANA VILLAFANE, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 407-823-4563
JULIE WAGNER, Accountant, 407-882-1069
KEVIN WANG, Coordinator, Budgeting, 407-823-0239
RICHARD WELCH, Student Assistant, 407-882-0154
ANGELA WHELAN, Office Assistant, 407-823-0134
MARY WILLIAMS, Senior Accountant, 407-882-1081
BARBARA WILSON, Accountant, 407-882-1044
ELENA WILSON, Applications Systems Analyst, Lead, 407-882-1201
MARK WRAY, Information Systems Training Specialist, Lead, 407-882-1202